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Havnt got exited in a while. Ups and down..Perfect timing.

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I have a feeling u just traced for some reason. But i still gave u a favecause tracing is still alot of work.

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mohawkade responds:

Well about a third of this was Rotoscoped (traced), the orginal animation was at 24fps, whereas this is animated at 29. Which left open a lot of empty frames in between traced ones that had to be free-handed. The two mechs fighting was the worst and most time consuming! Between 3 to 9 hours spent per frame! Which taught me a lot of patience and a whole lot more respect for the art.

In the end I had fun dissecting and studying this cartoon.

The animation was slow but i understand, its hard to do fast shit with 3d. Sound effects and voices sucked ass. With a little editing this could of been great. Even though i still gave u a 5 cause this animation was alot of work.

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This game is so annoying...I HATE ICE LEVELS!!! lol

It was alright, i kept going to the same damn places all the time, and the girl always singing. Sound quality was bad. Couldnt get into it. But we do need more games like this.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Hehe, yeah, most people wander around the same places at first. ;)
We're sorry to hear you had trouble with the sound? What seemed to be the problem?


Ive never seen anything like this, and it actually is easy to control.

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I wanted to download this song for a car show video but i cant???? Good song tho.

lol 0% original

We READY....

That tuba part comes from that hip hop song, but you made it epic so you dont get charged for stealing the rhythm. It sounds bad ass though.

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Looks amazing, the best space background ive seen on NG. Just looks cool with 3 earth like planets together like that, and that energy flare thing.

Nice One

I like the fog ring, kinda what earth might be looking like if they dont clean up all that trash floating around. The planet could use more texture too.

Plain Awsome

An army guy has to have his cigarettes.

That just looks cool man, and the image is large scale, so that must of been a pain do work with.

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TheShadling responds:

Thankyou man, in the end it was meant to be printed on A3 so it had to be pretty big.

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