2018 Submissions

JR - We don't come from Monkeys Techno Song
JR - Free Instrumental 1 Hip Hop - Modern Song

2016 Submissions

EA - A Change Techno Song

2014 Submissions

EA - Beat 89 Trance Song
EA - Beat 88 Trance Song
EA - Beat 87 Trance Song
EA - Beat 86 Techno Song
EA-Beat 85 Techno Song

2012 Submissions

EA-Beat 84 New Wave Song
EA-Beat 83 Trance Song
EA-Beat 82 Trance Song
EA-Beat 81 Trance Song
EA-Beat 80 Trance Song
EA-Beat 79 Trance Song
EA-Beat 78 Trance Song
EA-Beat 77 Trance Song

2011 Submissions

EA-Beat 76 Trance Song

2010 Submissions

EA-Another Time Trance Song
EA-No Way Out Trance Song
EA-Continue Video Game Song
EA-Tronic Trance Song
EA-Encounter Video Game Song
EA-Incoming Video Game Song
EA-Sparkle Video Game Song
Left Out Video Game Loop
Chosen Path Video Game Song
EA-Taken Away Video Game Song
Turning Points Video Game Song
Older Times Video Game Song
The Other Sides Video Game Song
Over the World Video Game Song
Slow Pace Video Game Song
Into the Water Video Game Song
EA-Calm Minds Video Game Loop
EA-Stand Off Video Game Song
No Return Home Video Game Song
Victorious Theme Video Game Song
Time is Almost Up Video Game Song
Discovering the World Video Game Song
Immence Battle Video Game Song
47th Video Game Song
Till End Video Game Song
My Fur Elise Classical Song

2008 Submissions

Beyond The Forest Video Game Song
Scary Ground Grunge Loop
Where It Goes New Wave Song
World Ahead Video Game Song
Grounds Drum N Bass Song
Cross The Nebula Miscellaneous Song
Make No Mistakes New Wave Song
Distant Places Drum N Bass Song
Rebounds Miscellaneous Song
Among Us Drum N Bass Song
Throw Down Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Remaking Drum N Bass Song
Another World New Wave Song
The Resistence New Wave Song
Found My Path New Wave Song
Waiting For Daylight Dance Song
Prepare For The Battle Ambient Song
Sold Out New Wave Song

2006 Submissions

Recalled New Wave Song
No Tomorrow New Wave Song
Addition Miscellaneous Song
Tear The Soul New Wave Song
The Forgotten Trance Song
So Far Away Trance Song
Fallen Remody Trance Song
Where It Lies New Wave Song
Make It Out Trance Song
Tet-Hop-Tris Video Game Song
Soft Noise Hip Hop - Modern Song
Make It Flow Hip Hop - Modern Song
Knocked Out Hip Hop - Modern Song
Call It Off Hip Hop - Modern Song
Rotation Miscellaneous Song
Total Emptiness Goth Song
Haunting Miscellaneous Song
Endings Classical Song
Live In Fear Drum N Bass Song
Going Foward Drum N Bass Song
The New Beginning Techno Song
Lost with space Ambient Song
Getting Down Hip Hop - Modern Song
Getting Over It Hip Hop - Modern Song
Risen Again Goth Song
Never Coming Back Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hit The Beat Hip Hop - Modern Song
Heart Beats Trance Loop
Finding You Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Dj Scratching Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ready To Die For Life Hip Hop - Modern Song